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Please do not take credit for flyers you did not create. You can share them, but please let people know where you got them. Do not criticize anyone else's flyers. Everyone is at a different level and we welcome ALL flyers as long as they meet Scentsy's requirements.

Availability & Requests

  • BEFORE Requesting a flyer, please carefully check the Flyer section in the menu. There is also a search function that may help you find the flyer you are looking for.
  • All available formats have been uploaded under the picture of the flyer. If you do not see a docx format then the flyer was not made in Word. We cannot email it to you in an editable Word format.

Must meet Legal/Copyright laws

  • If you use a picture that is not from the Scentsy website or a program's clipart, you MUST make sure the picture isn't copyrighted. If you are unsure, email the website owner.
  • Dolldivine.com has no problem with us using their dolls, but we need to give them credit. To not give Dolldivine credit is breaking copyright laws. However, it is against Scentsy compliance's rules to have a second website or compnay name on your flyer. Therefore, we cannot use dolldivine's dolls.

Using the Flyers

  • If you are going to have these flyers printed by a 3rd party (ex Staples) you need to fill out the appropriate form on your Workstation. Email compliance for clarification. If you are printing them off at home on your own computer you do not need to fill out this form.

To find other guidelines, please visit your consultant page on www.scentsy.com